Bayonne’s municipal court sessions remain suspended

No specific information is not available so far regarding the beginning of in-person sessions in Bayonne’s municipal court.

All in-person municipal court sessions in Bayonne have been suspended indefinitely to reduce the chance of COVID-19 spread. Although the court first resumed sessions in early May, the in-person session resuming is a big question now. While Gov. Phil Murphy has lifted some closures, in-person court appearances have not yet resumed. The court professionals have utilized Zoom video conferencing to help foot traffic in being at the courthouse at a minimum.

NJ Courts To Resolve Cases Without In-Person Appearances

Residents willing to resolve their cases through virtual court preceding can visit Bayonne’s municipal court’s official website. Visiting the website, they can complete a request form. Another option is available where they have to wait for a notice of a new court date. Defendants are allowed to continue those payments for traffic, parking, and specific non-traffic matters through the municipal court’s online payment portal at They can also mail-in payments. As the online portal is running by fewer people, the payment processing may be delayed. Bayonne’s municipal court has provided no proper information regarding resuming the in-person court trials. Hence, defendants associated with serious offense have to wait for more.

Defendants can get all information from They can call Bayonne’s Municipal Court at 201-858-6918 or 201-858-6934 or send an email at to resolve their queries.

Trials cannot be run in a pandemic situation. Virtual court sessions will be available for most court matters so that defendants can resolve their legal issues. However, all trials need to be conducted at the municipal courthouse. If residents are willing to appear in the virtual court, they have to submit the necessary form. The court will look into the matter and schedule a date by email confirmation. The instruction regarding how defendants can participate in virtual sessions will be mentioned clearly in the email.

Attorneys are allowed to use this form for requesting a date for virtual court sessions for their clients. They can also enter their appearances upon the receipt of client and office information. Defendants can pay for parking, traffic matters, and Time Payment Orders of Municipal Complaint at The court payment window is closed temporarily. The court will accept all payments from defendants by mail.