New Jersey Municipal Courts stay Closed

While considering the increasing trend of COVID-19 affected patients, Municipal court sessions will be suspended for two weeks. Chief Justice Stuart Rabner showed his extreme perturbation regarding this pandemic. Therefore, to mitigate public exposure, he has announced the suspension period. Well, accusers with a traffic violation or any minor offense will be provided with a new date.

NJ Municipal Court has already resumed on 29th March, Monday. Administrators said that they would give the defendants a new date to appear to the court for their offenses. “The alarming situation of coronavirus spreading, we are going to suspend NJ court sessions for a two-week period,” according to Rabner. “Without compromising the safety measurements and health of our court staff and public, we will be continuing to work remotely.”

NJ Municipal courts handle innumerable matters, including matters associated with public safety, restraining orders, hearings of the defendant, and so on. Court administrators specifically notified the attorneys and parties to appear between March 16 and 27.

 nj courts stay closed

Filings and payments of cases will continue to be received even if the municipality had shut down the municipal court building. Apart from that, accusers are able to make payments via this online portal of payment system at

NJMCDirect Customer Care Service contact details:

The detailed contact credentials of NJMCDirect customer service are illustrated below. If you have any significant queries, be assured to visit their office or you can also contact them.

  • Phone Number: (973) 284 4945
  • Fax: (973) 284 4914
  • Office Address of NJMCDirect: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street.

NJMC Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM (EST).

NJMC detailed hours of operation:

Undoubtedly NJMCDirect provides its customers with superior and hassle-free services of paying online fees. But one should not expect its availability of 24 hours. There are pre-ascertained operational hours for NJMCDirect. You have to know about the working hours to avoid additional fines. Here we have gathered the actual working hours of this online portal. Now quickly take a glance:

  • Monday to Thursday 4.30 AM – 11.15 PM (EST)
  • Friday 4.30 AM – 10.15 PM (EST)
  • Saturday 4.30 AM – 3.15 PM (EST)
  • Sunday 1.00 PM – 11.15 PM (EST)

If any problem persists, make sure to call the customer care team. They can efficiently help you regarding your date of hearing and any minor offenses.