NJ Surcharge Payment Guide NjSurcharge is a fine that applies to new jersey drivers who have acquired more than six points over three years for the traffic violation. If you don’t pay the surcharge, then your license also can be suspended.

Do you want to know ways to pay the Nj surcharge? If yes, then this article will be helpful for you. Here, we will tell you detailed information about NjSurcharge, site, how to pay surcharge online in New Jersey, calculation of Nj surcharge, and more.

NJ Surcharge Payment Guide

What is is an online portal for the payment of surcharge and view your surcharge record. This website is operating and managing by the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS). Surcharge site is a safe, secure, and fast way to payment surcharge online. It charges 2% of your surcharge amount as a fee, but with this website, you can pay quickly and conveniently online.  

Why are drivers in New Jersey surcharged?

NJMC (New Jersey Municipal Corporation) keeps records of every driver of New Jersey. Whenever they get a traffic ticket for any traffic violation, some points are added to their driving license. If you acquire six or more points within three years from your last traffic violation, you have to pay the Nj surcharge in new jersey. When points exceed six in your driving record, you will be liable to pay a fine of $150 as a surcharge along with an additional fee of $25 per extra point over six. Points and DMV surcharge amount also depend on the type of violation.

Following are some additional violation for which you have to pay njsurcharge annually for three years:

  • $100 for unlicensed drivers per year ($300 in total for three years)
  • If someone is caught driving with a suspended license, then he/she has to pay a fine of $250 per year for three years.
  • If anybody operates with expired licenses in Nj, he/she has to pay $100 every year for up to three years.
  • Fine of $100 for failure in insuring a moped (total $300 for three years).
  • $1000 fine per year (count $3000 for three years) if you refuse to test blood alcohol concentration.
  • Fine of $250 each year for three years for driving an uninsured vehicle.
  • Sufficient of $1000 per year for three years for first and second DWI.
  • A Njsurcharge of $1,500 per year up to three years for the third DWI within three years of your last violation.

How to pay the surcharge online in N.J.?

There are many ways to pay njsurcharge in new jersey. You can use it anyway for the payment of a surcharge in Nj. Following are the details of traffic violation surcharge all payment ways:

Online payment through website

You can pay online through the njmc surcharge payment official site. This is a fast, easy, secure, and convenient way to pay a surcharge in new jersey. You also can use the website to view your surcharge record and payment information online. Follow the below steps to pay online through the website:

  • Go to the New Jersey Surcharge Payment official website–
  • This link will take you to one New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) online portal.
  • You will see many options such as driver’s license number, surcharge number, judgment number, installment payment plan number, and notice number.
  • You have to choose one of them according to your requirement.
  • And enter the information in the given box. For example, if you select a driving license number, you must enter it in the below box.
  • After that, select the date of birth and click on the submit button.
  • Then, it will show you all the surcharge of your driving records.
  • Now, click the amount of surcharge to pay it.
  • You can use a credit or debit card to pay surcharge online through the website. You will be charged a 2-3% fee for online payment.

Payment through Phone Call

You also can pay your traffic violation surcharge by calling the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) customer service center team. Call on their toll-free phone number 844-424-6829. You will need a credit or debit card to make a payment.

Nj Surcharge Payment by Mail

You can make a surcharge payment by sending mail to their mailing address. You can pay with a money order or cheque. But for this, you have to send mail early as much as possible because mail can take time to reach.

Send to:

  • NJSVS P.O. Box 1502,
  • Moorestown, NJ 08057-9704

Offline by visiting their office

You can pay your surcharge by visiting any Western Union Money Transfer office in the USA.

Penalties for not paying the surcharge

If you have any surcharge on your driving license in Nj, then pay it on time. Otherwise, it can put you in trouble. Following are some fines & penalties which you can face if you avoid payment of njsurcharge.

  • Njmc will increase the amount of your fine and also add additional fees.
  • Your driving license can be terminated for failure of DMV surcharge multiple times in new jersey.
  • If your driving license gets suspended, then you should not drive. When you go with a suspended license, you have to pay an additional fee as a surcharge in Nj.
  • After receiving the driving license suspension orders, if still, you don’t make payment. Then, a Certificate of Debt is filed in the Superior Court, or you can be jailed. Customer Service Contact Information

If you are having any queries or facing issues in payment of surcharge via website. Then, you can contact the njsurcharge Customer Service Center on their toll-free number 844-424-6829. Nj Surcharge representatives are available between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

You can also use the njsurcharge support number to know payment information and automatically access your account. You can also call to get surcharge program information and make credit card payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Final Words

If your surcharge amount is very high or you have any evidence with can prove you innocent. Then, you can fight not to be guilty in njmc court. You also can hire a traffic lawyer to fight in court on behalf of you. But you should not ignore any njsurcharge in New Jersey.

This is all about the Njsurcharge. We hope our article will be helpful to you. Here, we have shared everything about the Nj surcharge, website for online surcharge payment, ways to pay surcharge online, and many more. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to ask us through the comment. Our team will respond to your comment as soon as possible.

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