Step by step Guide to Restore License in NJ

A suspended driver’s license in New Jersey restricts your daily needs like keeping an important appointment, going to the place of work, or fulfilling your daily needs. Especially when you need to go visit a doctor, it turns out to be quite problematic. Therefore, you should restore your suspended license to avoid all problematic consequences. The article is going to highlight all details of NJ license restoration and online payment so that can restore your suspended driver’s license without any hassle.

Restore NJ License

How do people get to know about the suspension of license?

Do you know how to get information about license suspension? While in New Jersey, you can find out everything about your license suspension by mail or phone.

  • By phone: You may not receive any notice but you can review your driving record calling the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). After calling the commission, you can know whether the commission has suspended your driver’s license. You can contact MVC at 609-292-6500 or toll-free number 888-486-3339.
  • By mail: Officials of Department of Motor Vehicle (Previously named as MVC) send notice to your mail address before they suspend your license. If you do not receive any notification, you can call the commission for reviewing your license.

Reasons for license suspension

New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicle not only suspends the license of drivers for driving without ensuring the car or after drinking bus also for several other reasons. You should be aware of the reasons for which DMV cancels your driving license to avoid mistakes. Have a look at the reasons that lead DMV to suspend the driver’s license and be careful about the errors.

  • Reckless driving
  • 12+ points on driving record
  • Outstanding fines, surcharges or traffic violations
  • Abandoning a vehicle on public roads
  • Failing to appear in court
  • Mental or physical disabilities that inhibit driving
  • At fault in a fatal accident

What happens to license suspension in New Jersey?

You have to face the following consequences if your driver’s license is suspended:

  • You cannot drive during the length of your suspension as mandated by New Jersey law.
  • You need to pay fines or surcharges that apply to your suspension.

If you are not guilty or receive no suspension notice beforehand, you can appeal your suspension. However, you have to ensure that you have kept your address updated with DMV in case you have decided to appeal for not receiving a notice. You can avoid your suspension by reducing points on the license or paying fines, but the decision of restoring your license depends on the police officer or judge.

Steps to follow for Driver’s License Restoration

Follow the steps below for restoring your driver’s license suspension. Drive safely and continue your important works so that your driver’s license does not get further suspended.

  • Step One: Know the reason for the suspension

First of all, you have to find out why your license has been suspended. The easiest way appears to be calling DMV. A DMV executive will evaluate your driver history abstract. A driver history abstract refers to the record stored by DMV listing all information regarding your driver’s license the cause of driver’s license cancellation. Know all details from the DMV representative and write it down for further use. Know the followings in details:

  • How long you need to wait to get your license back
  • If you have to pay surcharges and the number of surcharges
  • Whether you have to attend a program like Intoxicated Driving Resource Centre or Defensive Driving Course
  • Which court to contact if you have to appear in the court
  • Whether you get child support payments

To receive a written copy of the abstract, fill up an abstract request form and return it to the address mentioned in the form with a $15 check. Download it from the official website. You can also purchase it in-person paying the same amount.

  • Step Two: Decide how to lift your suspension

Suspensions may be ordered by the court or by DMV. You can know who has suspended your license from a driver history abstract. You have to contact the authority accordingly. The DMV representative will let you know which court you have to contact to restore your license. Courts usually suspend the license for violation of criminal, juvenile justice, or motor vehicle code.

When you cannot restore your license resolving all court-related matters, be sure that DMV has suspended your license. Knowing the reason for your license suspension from DMV representative, resolve the issue.

  • Step Three: Know when you can drive

After finding out whether you are eligible to restore suspension, you have to pay $100 as a license restoration fee and $100 as a registration restoration fee. To get a new license, pay $24 showing your identity proofs.

Pay license restoration fee online and save your valuable time. Restore your license and drive again following all traffic rules set by the New Jersey court.