Google Chromebook Pixel. Crazy? Like a Fox

We all thought the same thing when we saw the announcement of Chromebook Pixel, didn’t we? Wireless only?! 3:2 screen?! $1299?! What?!

But you have to hand it to Google. They love to stir the pot, think outside the norm, push everyone to look out the window and image “what if”?

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What if there was pervasive free or low-cost wireless connectivity outside our homes and offices?

What if mission-critical applications standardized on HTML5 rather than creating device-specific apps or (worse) old-school .EXEs?

What if the cloud was secure enough and easy enough for wider consumer and enterprise adoption?

In that near-Utopian world,  the Chromebook Pixel would make perfect sense. But we’re not there yet. Not by a long shot.

Recommendations: HBO Now, Amazon Prime and Hulu are developing the in entertainment field.

Do I think the Chromebook Pixel will be a failure? Absolutely not. While it’s too expensive and requires a commitment to a variety of technologies that, while available, still aren’t ubiquitous, I don’t think that’s the goal here. What Google likes to do is demonstrate the possibilities, throw cash at a problem, and then let their community at it.

As an aspirational product, what the Chromebook Pixel will do is  get more people to -think about where a true ‘net book makes sense. And it will likely cause some to take a second look at the $199 and $249 Chromebook, both lower cost alternatives, without some of the bells & whistles, but a relative steal. Count me in that segment.

Well played Google, well played.