Verona Declares Local State of Emergency

The Verona Office of Emergency Management has proclaimed a local state of emergency for the containment of COVID-19. This is mainly enforced to assist in maintaining future measures of the pandemic. The New Jersey Municipal Court has also proclaimed the two-week suspension of all the judicial sessions to slow down the spread. Such a suspension period had been started from 16th March 2020 and continued up to 27th March.

Verona Municipal Court

Although in-person attendance in municipal court is prohibited, the Verona court opens its inquiry center via telephone. People can reach them at (973) 857-4772 or also can email at

The accusers who are scheduled to appear in court due to the violation of parking and traffic tickets, and other minor offenses; are hereby requested not to appear until the final notice is given of a new court date. Those defendants can otherwise pay their traffic violation charges via the Municipal court online payment system at

Departments of Public works – Department of Water:

The NJ Water Department has recently ascertained that the intimidation of the Coronavirus in the public water supply is minor. The NJ administrators are diligently preparing the methods of restraining the spread of the virus. Kindly visit the US EPA website to read their statements.

Recreation & School Facilities:

  • All the racecourses including Freedom Field, Liberty Field are remained to close up to 29th March.
  • All the school facilities are completely closed through 29th March.
  • These mentioned areas are rigorously observed by the Verona Police Department.
  • Apart from that, all recreational sports, events, activities are closed up to 29th March.

Important message from the Verona Emergency Services:

The leading mission of the Verona Emergency Services is to promote awareness and education for all the inhabitants and guests. While taking into consideration the current scenario, we exhort all the inhabitants to follow these guidelines if you or your family members have these symptoms:

  1. If you have flu-like symptoms or any other issues call 9-1-1 for ambulance transport.
  2. If you have mild symptoms make sure to contact the physician via phone and do not ‘walk-in’.
  3. If your health care provider is unable to provide remote facilities, make sure to use the telemedicine platform.
  4. If you are unable to get a consultation from your health care provider, visit a local urgent care center.
  5. If there is an unavailability of urgent care, please consider driving yourself to the emergency department to get along with limited exposure.

To protect yourself and your family from the derogatory pandemic, make sure to follow these guidelines. Mr. Joel Martin, the Municipal Emergency Management has established these guidelines and attested by Ms. Jennifer Kiernan, The Municipal Clerk.